With our combined breadth of experience and design knowledge spanning 20+ years in the graphic design industry, we have created and nurtured on-going partnerships with new and returning clients spanning Australia,
New Zealand and the UK.

We first joined forces back in 2009 as the creative heart and soul of a well established not-for-profit organisation. After a successful 3 and a half year run working together, we were hungry for a new challenge – to run our own design studio, affectionately known today as, WE LOVE MONDAYS (WLM) CREATIVE.

Why WE LOVE MONDAYS? it felt fitting for what we were about to do – embark on a new journey to work for ourselves and continue our excellent partnership and team work. We believe this positive spin on our name reflects our dedication to our work and our appetite for design and creativity.

We pride ourselves in creating design that is impactful, engaging and relevant.

We get to know you, your business, and understand your goals and expectations to deliver outstanding results to reach your target market.

We are known for our friendly, no nonsense and professional approach to create design outcomes that connect you and your audience.